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shotcrete, shoring, slope stabilization

We offer a range of
shotcrete and shoring services


Shoring is the process of temporarily or permanently supporting an excavation during construction in order to keep the job site and workers safe.  Shotcrete shoring is a cost effective solution to conventional shoring methods.

Shoring systems may also utilize Soil Nails where a more robust retention system is required.


Shotcrete is used for stabilizing slopes due to its ability to conform to surfaces and to be placed onto steep or vertical surfaces.  Because Shotcrete is pneumatically applied concrete, the material is compacted against the surface filling cracks and preventing loose material from unraveling.  Shotcrete becomes a protective coating over the surface of a slope, and coupled with rock anchors or soil nails, acts as an earth retention system.


Shotcrete is a method for placing concrete in a variety of applications that can repair or strengthen existing structures.  Historic buildings, brick, block, or stone structures can be repaired or strengthened utilizing  the Shotcrete process.  Examples of projects we have completed that have benefited from the Shotcrete process include basements, older brick buildings, church steeples and a variety of other structures.  Shotcrete has a multitude of potential uses for structural repair.


Westerlund Shotcrete can provide an Engineering report for the scope of work being provided, or utilize one provided by the project engineer.

shotcrete, shoring, slope stabilization
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